Like It Matters

Also, can some one tell me why I cry over the smallest things? Isn’t that something you can control?

Maybe not..

To all of my ΣΑΙ sisters out there, how do you stay involved on your campus? I feel like my chapter has a hard time getting out of our music building.


How many times do you think Tom said “Sorry” to the little girl after the cut?

This reminds me of those insurance commercials..

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The worst days are when you realize you’re spending all of this time and money on school and education for one field.. And you start to wonder if that’s even what you want to do with your life.

I’m so lost right now.

You know.. I really have no idea how tumblr actually works. I just like looking at funny gifs.


Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Seriously.. One of my favorite movies.

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I got a box of chocolates from my boyfriend.. But I’m sitting here eating it, watching “Don’t trust the b in apt 23” alone.. And I just feel sad.

I just need cuddles with my boyfriend. Periods suck. Period.